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On December 1-2, 2016 we held the first Networking and RDMA Hackathon in Tel Aviv, the heart of our startup nation. Following the great success of our internal Hackathons, we decided to open our doors to startups, students, IDF technology units and more to join us and leverage our advanced network technologies to boost their applications.Hackathon is a combination of Hacking and Marathon, and when it comes to software, it is amazing to see what people can code within ONE long day!


The Winning Teams:

IBitTorrent (Peer to peer over RDMA)

Oren Bar & Tali Messing 

Won $10,000

Cloud Manager (Holistic Approach to Cloud )Management for DevOps)

Arik Gelman & Miky Petrescu

Won $5,000

RPS – Memory Hierarchy (Remote Paging System using RDMA)

Michael Lellouch, Daniel Engel & Ariel Tzentner

Won $2,000

Following the great success we are looking forward to the next Hackatop!

Previous HackaTOP events

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